Basic gqrx I/Q and gnuradio file editing

I’ve been experimenting a bit with Software Defined Radio, and specifically the gqrx and gnuradio tools. The I/Q (In-Phase/Quadrature components) recorder in gqrx can record .raw files, which handily record the entire spectrum visible in the waterfall window. In this blog post, I will show how to load data from those files, extract a subset of the recording, and save that into a new file. Unlike .wav files (for which a plethora of tools exist), I found little documentation on how to work with these files outside gnuradio/MATLAB/Octave.

LISP on Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite

Locator/ID Separation Protocol logo, created by Job Snijders

In this blog post, I will explain how to compile the Open Overlay Router (OOR) software for MIPS and how to set it up on an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite to participate in the Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) beta network.

OS switcher

Black plastic project enclosure with a 3-state toggle switch on the side, with 3 positions: Linux, ?, and Win.

My latest hack is for dual-booters: The OS switcher lets you select the operating system (OS) you wish to boot at the flick of a switch, anytime. Booting the OS of your choice no longer requires you to sit in front of your computer, wait for a boot selection screen to show up, and then press some buttons at just the right time.