An .asoundrc ALSA config for the PS3 Eye

It took quite some fiddling for me to get ALSA setup to record sound from my PS3 Eye USB camera and to play back sound using my onboard Intel PCH sound device.

Here’s the result:

# ps3 eye
## Suggested by
pcm.array {
  type hw
  card CameraB409241

pcm.array_gain {
  type softvol
  slave {
    pcm "array"
  control {
    name "Mic Gain"
    count 2
  min_dB -10.0
  max_dB 5.0

pcm.cap {
  type plug
  slave {
    pcm "array_gain"
    channels 4
  route_policy sum

pcm.!default {
    type asym
    playback.pcm {
     type plug
      slave.pcm {
	@func getenv
	vars [ ALSAPCM ]
	default "hw:PCH"
    capture.pcm {
        type plug
        slave.pcm "cap"


6 Replies to “An .asoundrc ALSA config for the PS3 Eye”

  1. Hi,
    I’m struggling to get to work PS Eye microphone array to work with RPI B+. Would you mind to share your sd card image with working PS Eye?

    Best regards

  2. So I have currently no asoundrc file on my Orange Pi pc (running Armbian – Debian Jessie derivative)…If I would use this file, would the speaker still work? Would they both work then,, the speaker and the ps3-eye microphones?

    Do you have maybe an audio sample of how the quality is?

    1. Hi Mark,
      I unfortunately don’t know if the output device configuration will work on the Raspberry Pi out of the box, you’ll need to look into the output config (I’d start with looking at the playback.pcm config block, and specifically the “hw:PCH” bit – most likely you’ll just need to change the bit after the “:” there.). There should be quite a few resources online on getting ALSA to work on Raspberry Pi, such as this one on the Raspberry Pi Stackexchange. I hope this at least points you in the right direction.
      I now use Pulse Audio on my desktop PC, so I don’t have this exact config running anymore – I think I moved because Skype at some point started requiring PulseAudio

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