Custom type value printers for Cling

Cling is a pretty cool C++ interpreter built at CERN, which shortens typical C++ development workflows by giving users a REPL (Read-eval-print loop), which means that you can type your C++ code, press ENTER and see the result almost instantly. However, out of the box Cling does not print the contents of structs, classes etc. In this blog post, I explain how a custom value printer can be added at runtime to expose the encapsulated data.

Basic gqrx I/Q and gnuradio file editing

I’ve been experimenting a bit with Software Defined Radio, and specifically the gqrx and gnuradio tools. The I/Q (In-Phase/Quadrature components) recorder in gqrx can record .raw files, which handily record the entire spectrum visible in the waterfall window. In this blog post, I will show how to load data from those files, extract a subset of the recording, and save that into a new file. Unlike .wav files (for which a plethora of tools exist), I found little documentation on how to work with these files outside gnuradio/MATLAB/Octave.