Multi Robot Learning by Demonstration (Final Year Project)

This project investigated the feasibility of a Multi Robot Learning by Demonstration system, which allowed multiple teachers to simultaneously demonstrate a task to multiple robots. This project received the Head of Department Prize for Best ISE Project, and was published at the AAMAS 2012 conference as an extended abstract.


This isn’t an online, multiplayer, off-world mining and combat game. This is wOre.

Sudoku solver

First year software engineering coursework at Imperial: wrote a Sudoku Solver in C++. It reads the Sudoku puzzle from a file, computes the answer (in a way similar to how humans would, i.e. by elimination and then guessing if necessary using backtracking), and writes the answer to an output file. The application compiles on Windows, …

Sobel edge detection on an FPGA

Implemented the Sobel edge detection algorithm in Handel-C on an RC100 FPGA. The edge detection was performed on a live video feed read in from a composite video port, and the processed image with the edges highlighted was displayed on a VGA monitor.

Time tracker

Developed a web-based time tracking application using PHP and Microsoft SQL Server. It allowed employees to enter the time they spent on each project into a company database for billing purposes.