OS Switcher

Black plastic project enclosure with a 3-state toggle switch on the side, with 3 positions: Linux, ?, and Win.

The OS Switcher is a little USB device for dual-booters. The physical switch lets you select the operating system (OS) you want to use for the next boot. It saves time by eliminating the need to have the boot manager wait for a selection before continuing with the default option. It also removes the need to interrupt the boot process at the right time and manually select the operating system using a keyboard or mouse if not booting into the default OS.

ROBERt the Recycling-Of-Bottles Encouragement Robot

A robot aiming to improve the recycling rate, tested at Imperial College London. We made a YouTube video (embedded below) of our robot, which contains a little introduction as well as some footage of people’s reactions to it roaming around the university campus 🙂

Multi Robot Learning by Demonstration (Final Year Project)

This project investigated the feasibility of a Multi Robot Learning by Demonstration system, which allowed multiple teachers to simultaneously demonstrate a task to multiple robots. This project received the Head of Department Prize for Best ISE Project, and was published at the AAMAS 2012 conference as an extended abstract.